I am Giovanni Rago. Welcome to my own little corner of the web. In the spirit of minimalism, and as a homage to the early web, I have chosen to keep it as barebones and text-focused as possible.

# Work

Currently at Checkly (opens new window) as Head of Customer Solutions, I help development teams and organizations ship quality software through the use of state-of-the-art synthetic monitoring.

A big part of that is browser automation tools. I often write technical content to disseminate knowledge about Playwright (opens new window), as well as topics such as web development, monitoring and automated testing. I also run the AutomateTogether channel (opens new window) on Youtube, where I currently publish Playwright-related tutorials.

I also write on different topics in different places on the internet. I write to clearly communicate valuable concepts. I dislike filler.

# Outdoors

I love getting out and exploring the outdoors in my free time, the wilder the better. I add some details of my latest expeditions and my current gear, together with lessons learned, on a dedicated page on this site.

# Contact

You can reach out to me via LinkedIn (opens new window) or Twitter (opens new window).